ABOUT The Sacks Firm

The Sacks Firm was founded by Michael J. Sacks (University of Southern California, Pepperdine School of Law), former partner of Brush & Sacks for nearly a quarter-century, and is considered a prototype for the modern, boutique transactional and litigation firm. The Firm's emphasis on areas of specialization and diversification provides clientele with a one-stop, high-quality law shop from the outset of representation. With an emphasis on corporate, business, contract, intellectual property, and entertainment law, the firm is also affiliated with some of the best lawyers within their specialized fields throughout the states of Florida, California, and New York. Additionally, since founder and owner Michael J. Sacks has been a licensed member in California and Florida for well over three decades, including a member of the Federal Courts of these states, the firm model allows for travel to a variety of jurisdictions to represent and defend clients in corporate, business and civil matters. The firm is also able to provide representation to clients even if their case is out-of-state, either through (a) referrals to affiliate lawyers in various other states or (b) through personal appearance on a Pro Hac Vice basis. For illustrative purposes, it is not uncommon to have Michael J. Sacks negotiating a deal for a record label in LA on a Monday, flying to the Florida office to close on a Merger of two IP companies by mid-week, and be in New York city by week's end to assist one of the firm's entrepreneurial clients close on a new restaurant venture.

The above-referenced, modern boutique firm model, replete with the diversification of skills and alliance with proven, legal professionals in their respective fields has enabled the law firm to be meticulous with the clientele it chooses to represent. Unlike many law firms, who have a propensity for taking any client who is willing to pay for their services, The Sacks Firm takes a far more selective approach. Once the firm determines that the client and attorney are a proper fit and that achieving the prospective client's legal endeavors is a realistic goal, the firm then collaborates with the client on the most cost-efficient options for representation, mindful that a long term relationship and repeat clientele is far more important than a one-and-done attorney/client relationship that is so prevalent in today's legal world. The firm is also mindful that "results" are key to return clientele; therefore, the firm goes the extra mile to ensure client representation can be both effective, affordable and, mutually beneficial to the attorney/client relationship.