Business & Commercial Litigation

"The educational background of the firm's Founder is exceeded only by his three decades of trial experience in complex and sometimes newsworthy litigation, both on the State and Federal levels in multi-states."

Mindful that litigation is one of the more stressful situations a client will ever confront, our motto at The Sacks Firm is simply to "let us do the worrying for you". In short, we want to comfort the client during this difficult time of anxiety and uncertainty by emphasizing that the firm has literally decades of experience in the area of litigation, most of which have resulted favorably. The client is also politely reminded that the Founder of the firm is, and continues to be, a Trial Lawyer, and a noteworthy one at that, who is widely respected by his peers. Hence, the client can feel safe from the outset of representation knowing that their chances for success has been automatically magnified in light of the plethora of litigation experience within the firm. Our extensive experience in adversarial proceedings has provided our clients with numerous, successful resolutions through either settlement or trial. The firm regularly litigates business disputes, which remain the firm's bread and butter, inclusive of breach of contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duties of directors and officers, torts involving fraud and misrepresentation, breach of restrictive covenants (including covenants not to compete and/or solicit), and interference with existing and prospective business relationships. Each case is meticulously handled with a customized strategy as no two cases are alike; in fact, the types of cases our seasoned litigators handle are limited only by one's imagination, ranging from small business owners trying to enforce a covenant not to compete, to a celebrity who is being slandered by the National Enquirer.

The firm handles Plaintiff and Defendant cases equally, and utilizes effective legal strategies to (a) keep the legal fees affordable and (b) employ legal procedures and strategies to increase the chances of recouping legal fees already expended by the client. In Plaintiff actions, the firm is far more aggressive from a legal perspective, mindful that a Defendant's ploy is often to delay litigation and ensure the wheels of justice spin slowly. That being said, active discovery and many motions are brought on the front end of Plaintiff litigation to speed up the legal process and the wheels of justice in the process. Conversely, when representing a Defendant, delay (as stated above) can often be a good thing, as time can heal ill-will between litigants, and oftentimes a Plaintiff can get disillusioned with the time and expense required to have their case brought to trial. Legally compliant delay strategies, motions, and simply the nature of the ever-inundated court systems can ensure that a Defendant's day in court comes at a snail's pace. The firm is also no stranger to litigations of publicity, as the firm's founder has been required to handle more than his fair share of high-profile cases involving celebrities and public figures.