Corporate Law

Michael J. Sacks, Esq. has garnered a stellar reputation in the area of corporate law, and for good reason, as he has represented and/or continues to represent hundreds of companies throughout the years, ranging from mom & pop, sole proprietorships to Fortune 500, publicly-traded companies. Corporate law involves the broad legal process attendant to starting a company, managing the legal affairs of an active company and, if appropriate under the circumstances, completing the company, preferably through a buyout, merger, acquisition or similar, profitable event.

A. Business Formation: The Sacks Firm is often the first place a client calls if they are contemplating opening a business. The reason for this is simple, the type of business structure is the most important decision a future business owner must make before they conduct any business of any nature. The firm is exceedingly experienced in all aspects of corporate structuring, including, but not limited to corporations, LLC's (which is the firm's typical entity formation for reasons which will be explained during the initial consultation), partnerships and joint ventures. Expedited, same-day incorporation services are provided every day, five days a week for clients who wish to have their companies opened on an accelerated basis. Same-day incorporation is available for all of the firm's clients not just in Florida, California and New York, but throughout the United States. In fact, the states of Nevada and Delaware are some of the more popular and attractive incorporation states utilized by The Sacks Firm, given the laws and anonymity elements of these two states to be discussed during your initial consultation with the firm. Corporate structuring is also important from a tax standpoint, not just for liability purposes. The firm has three, prominent accounting firms on-call to expeditiously respond to legal matter ranging from the mundane (obtaining EIN numbers) to the complex (pre and post-incorporation tax questions, buy-out tax structuring, et al.) to ensure that the corporate entity you elect is the most advantageous from both a business and personal standpoint.

B. Corporate Transactional Law: This aspect of law comprises nearly one-half of all the firm's regular legal activities. Corporate transactional law involves all the contracts and documentation memorializing business of any nature. Michael J. Sacks has been regarded by his peers as "the contract expert" in that he has either drafted, revised or redrafted thousands of contracts over the years, none of which has ever been successfully challenged in court. Mr. Sacks, on the other hand, has also successfully litigated numerous cases where the drafting of a document by another individual or attorney could have saved both parties the time and expense of a lawsuit if the document at issue was worded correctly. Often times the use or omission of one word makes the difference of success in a lawsuit involving breach of a contract; hence, proper drafting cannot be over-emphasized. Mr. Sacks and the firm's business transactional department is so meticulous with their drafting of corporate documentation, that Sacks has often been used as a consultant and/or independent contractor for other lawyers and law firms to draft contracts that would otherwise be too complex for the ordinary law practitioner. The broad spectrum of agreements that the firm's transactional department draft, negotiate, revise and finalize on a weekly basis is limited only by one's imagination, ranging from employment agreements (inclusive of covenants not to compete), joint ventures, stock purchase and asset purchase agreements, Licensing and Distribution Agreements, Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Work for Hire Agreements, Assignments, Releases, Powers of Attorney, Redemption Agreements, Stock Pledge Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Security Agreements, Personal and Corporate Guaranties, Revenue Participation Agreements, et al. In sum, if you need a contact of any nature, it is likely that The Sacks Firm has successfully and efficiently drafted numerous types and variations of the contract you or your business require for maximum protection of your interests, while you can take comfort in the fact that they are the most experienced firm to handle any business transaction that you contemplate. As is often the case, the firm will also recommend additional, contractual documentation that you may have not initially considered in order to fully protect your personal, business and financial interests.