Intellectual Property Law

"Providing the diverse and essential roles necessary in creating and protecting intellectual property rights in the modern age."

The firm's intellectual property department has, for the past decade, become its busiest, likely due to the fact that Intellectual Property law has been one of the fastest growing areas of law, and the amount of cases involving this unique aspect of law has been reflected in the extensive case load presently being handled by the firm. Intellectual property law typically involves four aspects of law: trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and patents. With the prodigious growth of business over the Internet, it has become more important than ever to protect business names, domains, products and inventions. The firm handles two key aspects of intellectual property law for the client (a) the transactional component; and (b) the litigation component. On the transactional level, the firm ensures that the client properly applies for trademark and/or copyright protection through filings at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Once applications and related documentation is filed, the firm assists the client through the application process to ensure the likelihood that the client can obtain full legal rights to utilize their intellectual property rights, hopefully to the exclusion of all others. Once the intellectual property rights are obtained, the firm's work has just commenced. We provide search and prosecution services to ensure that a client's intellectual property is protected against actual and/or potential infringers, and when necessary, we file Federal lawsuits against infringers. In fact, the firm has been extremely successful in litigating Plaintiff trademark actions in the Federal courts of California, Florida and New York, with Injunctions being granted and extensive damages being awarded to our clients, inclusive of attorney fees, in the process. Therefore, the next time you have an idea, a name, a concept or a product that you think will be "the next best thing", consider The Sacks Firm before you begin marketing of selling your product. In fact, selling your product, whether through the Internet of otherwise, before obtaining intellectual property rights, can often deprive you of valuable intellectual property rights. In sum, a simple phone call or email to our firm (see Contacts) is the simplest way to ensure that your great idea and/or product is protected and your chances of exploiting that name, idea or product is afforded superior rights to the exclusion of others.